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Indirect Government Dictation- Obamacare Slipping Into Socialized Medicine.


   The pharmacy that I order my meds from changed their policy. The new policy is that they carry only one brand of medication that  I use. It is a different brand than I used before. The pharmacy no longer carries the generic brand I have used in the past. The name brand is not carried either.

   OK. Everybody use the same brand medications. Government ordered. Socialized medicine. Government choice. The "Fed." brand medication.

   The same brand for everybody. Except I don't want that brand.

    * What if I go to the other member pharmacy to see if they have the generic brand I used or the name brand? I have to pay the total cost for the name brand. But what if they only have the one brand that the other pharmacy carries? I can't get the brand I use and I'm dictated this brand I don't want. I can't afford to pay the total cost for the name brand even if they have it. So, I am stuck with what the government wants me to take.

   Indirect dictation. Dictation by the numbers. Slipping slowly into government dictation.  

(Trump) Phony Pills Not Phony Polls- Obamacare Nightmare-

   Put on generics like a Communist placed in the medical line in Moscow in 1950. No warning, didn't ask, just changed my meds without any consultation. Like an animal without a mind to comprehend what is being done to me.

   I took a med before and it was changed to Crestor. Then it was changed to a generic. So, I had a generic, it was changed, and then from Crestor it was changed to another generic. Changes to other meds. Changes again and again and again and again and again.

    They didn't finish the heart operation because the government told them not to. The GOVERNMENT told them not to finish the heart stents operations on critically ill patients. Obamacare.

    Because the operations weren't finished the medications had to be modified. The doctors sent me home without modifying the meds, as if I had the whole operation. Later, I fell down and couldn't catch my breath. Luckily I was in the cafĂ© at the hospital when I fell down. They rushed me to the emergency room.

   After I was stabilized, I was informed that the procedure need to be completed and that since I didn't have the whole operation my meds needs to be changed. I was told this after a week.

    It's like they wanted me to die.

    It's not the coverage it's the type of coverage. Obamacare took away the right to standard care. What right you have now is the right to what is covered on your policy. If it isn't covered then the care providers don't have to give you the procedure. Even if you die. Obamacare.

    That's Obamacare. Better check your rights to care instead of your right to a government controlled con job.

     The phony pills. Not the phony polls.

     Phony meds dictated to critically ill patients that don't work? I know the pills they gave to me that were another different Metformin brand didn't work because I checked it.

     The pharmacist told me it couldn't be the pills that it had to be something else. And that those pills are all they carried now. All they carry. No other kind. Not even the name brand for policy holders.


- Insurance Obamacare Regulated Prescriptions To Generic


    Insurance Changes coverages without warnings. - Obamacare Regulated Prescriptions To Generic without informing patients/consumers..

   Medications have been changed, repeatedly, from name brands to generics on Aetna. And from generic to generic without consulting the patients over the changes or offering alternatives.

   My pharmacy has informed me that they only carry one brand of medication for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.  The new generic brand has an offensive odor to it. The pharmacist tells me that all the Metformin pills have that odor, but I never had any before with the odor. The odor pill has a number on it R-102. The last pills before that I used had a number IP -218. What is that? IP?

    Medication humor?

    The name brand that I took before being regulated to generic, with a choice, before, didn't have an odor to it.

    I contacted my doctor to get a change in the meds because I actually took the new pills for two days before noticing my blood sugar levels had gone up to 180 and 147 respectively. I then called the pharmacist to tell him that they sent me the wrong meds. He told me it was just a different brand but that if there was a problem with the manufacturer they would eventually investigate. (Legislate)

    The government will legislate the  need for the legislation to possibly order an inquiry into a needs to possibly look into the problem and decide if more committees need to be set up to analyze the problem to warrant more legislation.

    The lobbyists tell them what to do.

    So another Obamacare trick to start people off with name brand meds and then to be forced into generics and then forced into lesser quality generics. The lesser quality generics will probably work but you have to take three times the amount to get the same effect. Older people might make a mistake and get back on their normal brands after being put on the three for one dose and then overdose.

    Companies make more money that way, though. With Obamacare that's the important part.

  I'll be calling my doctor...

   I believe that in the case of life threatening  conditions the pills patients need should be the name brands for the cost of generics.

Constitutionalizing dehumanization. Abortion and Planned Parenthood

The Constitutionality of dehumanization.

The main argument against abortion and Planned Parenthood should have always been the matter of Constitutionalizing dehumanization.
Dehumanization was openly and blatantly a part of the abortion argument.
The dehumanization of the unborn baby was the cornerstone of the principal of the abortion industry.
So, it was a matter of Constitution under the laws against dehumanization. If dehumanization could have been proven to be a commonplace reason for promoting and legalizing abortion then the matter could have been classified as unconstitutional. With respect to the relativity of the promotion and advocacy of dehumanization.

     Considering the cover up of the highest fatality rates in the abortion statistics, world wide. (In America) Very sad, but true.

     It came down to the matter of whether or not dehumanization could be accepted constitutionally. And the scientist determination, that the  unborn baby was a fetus and not human,  a thing, not human. That the baby magically transformed into a human lifeform (with rights) after it was born. That ultimately is what made abortion legal. Simply because the baby was classified as non human in the womb of the mother.

    In reality choice had nothing to do with the matter. Dehumanization made a matter of choosing to eliminate a thing, like a growth or tumor. And that choice was made by the patient to have the procedure to eliminate the *growth by a doctor preforming the abortion.

    Dehumanization also allowed for the distribution of body parts through laboratories. Even though the baby was outside of the mother, it was dead. And therefor not human. But was a baby that died during childbirth a human?

    Could the parents or doctors do whatever they wanted to the body of that baby since it was dead? The answer of course is no.



Poison used to kill insects contributes to resistance to antibiotics. My theory.

    Bugs that are poisoned are the same as germs that modify their DNA upon receiving the poison. Poison that affects the DNA of the insect whether it dies or not also affects the other elements. Germs are affected by poison. Bacteria is affected by poison. The germs in insects are affected. The bacteria in insects is affected. Some germs are good some bacteria is good. The bad germs are affected the same as the good. When insects are poisoned it in turn affects the DNA of the germs and viruses that become more resistant to antibiotics, because of the poison in the environment.

     Resistance to antibiotics is a direct result of poison used to control insects and other unwanted things like weeds.

      The more we poison insects and weeds, the more resistant the bacteria and germs become to antibiotics.

       This is my theory.