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The Starting Point Needs To Be Standard Care For Every American


      Both nations in America, Democrat Party/Republican Party, want to guide the system in a direction that will result in a favored political outcome. Like a continual tug of war. One wants to go in one direction, the other wants to go in another direction. One wants the system to favor the east, the other the west. Americans just want what needs to be fixed, fixed without the continual tug of war. Politics sometimes gets in the way of reason. What should Americans do when this happen more and more in the continual legislative battles fought over every topic in Washington D.C.? How can we end the system of deadlock and stalling in our government when it comes to passing legislation, or, changing legislative decisions from the past that don't work? Like, in the matter of healthcare legislation.

    I think that in the matter of healthcare it comes down to the right of all Americans to have adequate healthcare. Americans should have the right to quality healthcare.  

    Knowing that to be true, a watchdog group in Washington should be allowed to call for immediate passage of legislation that guarantees the right of all Americans to have healthcare, equal to a standard of care that is set by the medical community. At that point, the politicians and states can work out the policies that will be put in place and can argue over what comes after that level of consideration.  Like how to get supplemental policies to lower income Americans and the care of the elderly. There is plenty to discuss. But the starting point needs to be standard care for everyone. 




A Personal Message To Affinity Software Company (Ridiculous)

 A message to Affinity Designer software.

     This designer software is probably worth more than 49.99 You know that.

    I wanted to purchase a download version this month but could not get through. I also decided to purchase another software from Britain and could not get that either. Something was wrong with the links. I will try again next month. 

    I was just wandering if Affinity was not selling as much because of the problem? And if so, is that the reason the price has been reduced? 

    I wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the trial version of the Affinity designer. And was in the process of purchasing it. I just wanted Affinity to know that. 

    Thanks! If I was Affinity president I would  evaluate the value of the software again. I'm not complaining but 39.99 is just ridiculous! Have a cool day..... 

Senators Can Be Impeached - House of Representitaves Orders Impeachment For Crimes Committed

If a federal official commits a crime or otherwise acts improperly, the House of Representatives may impeach—formally charge—that official. If the official subsequently is convicted in a Senate impeachment trial, he is removed from office.



Picture:     Senate



Buy From Amazon With Food Stamp Cards- It Helps

   People should be able to purchase certain items fro Amazon with food stamp card. 

   It would be a good idea for people who are homebound to be able to purchase items from Amazon I think.

  What would be the difference? Cards are used like debit cards at the stores so why couldn't the card be used online for certain items made available by Amazon? 

   It is difficult for me to get to the store sometimes so I purchase from Amazon occasionally. It helps. 

"Little Ice Age" Energy Needs- Preparations- Patterns- Climate Changes- Article links  (Mini Ice Age)

Excerpt from Wikipedia article: 

   The NASA Earth Observatory notes three particularly cold intervals: one beginning about 1650, another about 1770, and the last in 1850, all separated by intervals of slight warming.....

    Temperatures trailing off from a global warming period  can be followed by a mini ice age or "Little Ice Age". In several examples recorded from studies, including NASA studies, the effect of mini ice ages has been a reality.

    Preparing for the circumstance would be beneficial to human kind and an effort to preserve animal species, that can be isolated in hostile environmental factors,  can be made now. 

    Supplies of coal, clean burning coal from America and other countries and set aside reserves of oil and natural gas would be most beneficial in survival situations. The cold from the little ice ages can last for periods of time that are variable. 

Picture from Wikipedia.  Littleice

    Is there a relationship between the warming temperature at peak levels and the fall of global temperatures? It seems that there may be. In any case it would be necessary to study climate change from a standpoint of global warming/mini ice age trends to try and predict the impact of a possible ice age event. 

    Primarily, the preparations should include energy resources, food, medicines, vehicles, with emphasis on supplies for homes and necessary buildings. The data shows that an average mini ice age could last as long as 200 years! In that case the more coal and natural gas that is stored for a population, the better. Solar panels probably wont help much in a time like that. 

     Trying to counteract global warming by controlling emissions from industry and fossil fuels is not a very bright idea. However you think of the problem associated with global warming. The worst problem would be a mini ice age. 

     Fossil fuels did not create global warming in the past. The theory is that man caused an imbalance in nature and that imbalance in turn caused global warming. (Cave man campfires.) Cow farts. (Seriously, they think that.)

    The notion is preposterous. In reality global warming is a natural occurrence and repeatedly happens over a period of time. Climate change happens because of global warming. Climate change does not happen because of fossil fuels or cave men cooking buffalo or brontosaurus burgers. 


    As a state that is rich in natural gas, oil, and coal, we should have a system of preparation to get ready for a mini ice age if it happens. Coal production should be geared up to supply nations the coal at non market prices - nations that are third world nations. They will need a supply of clean burning coal, (not pet coke) to use for heating. It may be possible to assist those poorer nations in well drilling operations so they can supply some natural gas for themselves and hold amounts in reserves.

    A mini ice age may be challenging for earth people but I think we can prepare and weather the changes without becoming victims of real climate changes. 

Man Made Global Warming Is A Hoax- Read- Diagram- Logic- Answer-



    From 8th grade, knowing that there are variances and temperature swings from warmer to colder, the understanding that Global Warming has been a constant throughout history tells you that man made Global Warming is probably just a theory.

    Upon examination of the actual (modern) theory of man made global warming it becomes evident that the scientist, scientist, that created the theory of man made global warming were speculating on unprovable reasoning and not considering the facts.

     Once you know more about the modern theory, you will be able to understand what the theory means in reality. It means that scientists back in the 1800's and before theorized that chemical changes due to mans activities on earth somehow triggered chemical reactions that led to climate change caused by global warming. As if the cave men's fires caused a chemical reaction in nature and the Wooley Mammoths died in the resulting ice age after the warming trend turned cold. (Which usually happens after an ice age.  Thinking about it - it seems like they were saying that there was some kind of mysterious chain reaction taking place in nature because of what men were doing and that was causing global warming. Like disrupting the balance of nature or causing some kind of disturbance. 

     The modern theory of man made Global Warming is based on the same theory that man is ultimately responsible for doing what causes Global Warming and in turn Climate Change. That the world and nature are the victims of man's activities and there are consequences from their actions. 

    With that in mind, if you study the diagram above you will note that global warming has happened over and over again. In modern times, the scientists who believe in the theory of man made Global Warming don't come out and say that they hypothesized that cave men caused Global Warming or that people who lived 2500 years before Christ caused it in some unknown way. There had to be a common denominator that was measurable. That common denominator turned out to be C02. Carbon Dioxide from emissions.  Fires, car exhaust, factory emissions, *camp fires) methane gases, and so on. The argument that a couple of large volcanoes would equal all that was passed over by the scientists saying that there was no way to measure the output of carbon dioxide emissions. (Good excuse) And man did not create volcanoes, so, therefor it couldn't be to blame for any changes due to the emissions, anyway. LOL.

     The main point of the modern theory that they apparently keep secret is that there might be a relationship between the amount of man activities and the extent of the Global Warming. Theoretically, the more activity, (Carbon Emissions( (((((((((((((  the BIGGER the Global Warming will be. And the more devastating thev Climate Change will be. And since man is way more active today that before, like preceding the MINI ICE AGE,  then we better LOOK OUT!!!!

    And governments need a lot of regulations and control on what mens / womens do because they need to protect the earth.

     One thing about that control, like the "Paris Accord" agreement is that certain companies and certain countries seem to have a favored status with respect to the control counsel. Meaning that they can turn their advantages into making more money, like oil sands in Alberta Canada, and the control group can regulate investments around the controls and restrictions and regulations. * Pretty slick huh?

     Ultimately, the question of Global Warming in science, is: Did men cause Global Warming 2500 years before Christ? Did cave men cause Global Warming that resulted in the Wooley Mammoths freezing to death? The answer is, of course, no. It is ridiculous to assume that Global Warming is man made. 

     Climate change can and probably has occurred in regions where vast areas of forest have been destroyed. Like the rain forest being depleted. We know that this process causes changes in weather patterns.  We also learned that in 8th grade.



My Tweets Last Night - To Pop Your Back- Global Warming- Depression and Pain Kilers- British Transactions Blocked


Depression and Pain Killers  

I believe there may be a link between prescribed medicine given to soldiers to combat pain and depression that may be leading to suicides.

Global Warming  A Natural Process   

I believe that (like Trump believes) global warming and climate change is not exactly what governments are saying that it is. I believe that global warming is a natural occurrence that happens and has happened  many times before. Climate changes are a part of the natural process. Men cannot change the world to stop naturally occurring global warming trends and the climate changes that happen because of it. What we can do as Americans is prepare for any subsequent ice age that can follow global warming, by having reserves of energy ready and available in case we need the energy in the near future. Mini ice ages have occurred after the global warming process. Climate changes have always been a part of the process. Blaming prosperity for global warming is silly.

   News On British Transaction

    I tried to buy something from Britain today and in both cases my card failed. The transaction would not go through. 



Do Pain Killers Cause Depression?

   Did pharmaceutical companies along with medical researchers and government officials know that taking pain killers could lead to depression? I think they did. 

    Were all of my Twitter posts erased that suggested this? YES! They were. 

      Here's the same advice in brief. Mental pain can be caused by a lot of things. It is a medical condition. Physical pain is treated as a medical condition and mental pain should be treated the same. Like a medical condition. 

     Is there a practice of denial when it comes to a relationship between taking pain meds and developing depression? If there is a relationship and it is being ignored, that may be a possible reason for many suicides by soldiers. And a possible reason others develop depression.

    Depression is a disease. A very serious disease. If you feel mental pain see a professional. If you take or have taken pain killers and feel mentally tired, sad, depressed, see a doctor. 




On The White House Statement On The Poor

  Return my oil company that I was partners in in west Texas. Return my bank account. Return my company that I inherited that was stolen by impostors and crooks. Return my land in west Texas. And I wont need to be on Social Security. Social Security disability is mostly just a victims prison. 

   They spend more on coffee a month than I live on. I paid for it. It's insurance. Not mooch money from the greater rich to the inferior poor.

   Most of the money spent on mental health is spent on drug rehab and other expenses within the system. The disabled in mental health already get less than anybody. 

    You can save huge amounts of money by employing non profit community based minor medical facilities.  That is something that will work. Vilifying poor people the government and society has harmed isn't helping.

    Return my property.