Posts By New C Blog- How Penn State Officials and Sandusky Were Framed.

I believe  posts, from the New C blog written by me, Don Robbins, a witness to incidents and facts pertaining to the Penn State cases, prove that the officials and Jerry Sandusky were framed.   Use link above to visit Amazon. Read free with Kindle and purchase through download or get copy through shipping. Share. Send sample to a friend.

   Although this book is unknown, it could be important if the trials are reversed and charges are brought against the prosecutors for framing the officials and Jerry Sandusky. All charges have been dismissed except one against a Penn State official. The rest will follow. The remaining charge about the 2001 incident will most likely be dropped because it will be determined that a story was made up about 2001 to frame the school and officials for negligence. If that happens, it can be proven that lies were told to convict Sandusky and false testimony will be known to have been coached to fake witnesses. Jerry Sandusky would then be set free!

    Read and share. Buy a hard copy for future references. Thank you!

   The picture is just a picture of the page on Amazon where you can purchase the book. The link below goes to the same page.