"The Settling"


The Settling

In the world where we live

A time ago 


Will we know

Another breaking apart

Unless someone gives

One side to another

We live

Together in speech, divided in deed

How long will contention go on?

Assaults from a drone

With laser accuracy

They will never leave me alone.


ZOOM Senate Coin Skull V-1 - ACTION RIDER! pics- Shirt.- Click on link to shop.

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  In the future, the U.S. Senate becomes our one government. They issue their own currency called the (gov.). Skull-V-1 the evil enemy of ACTION RIDER! becomes the dictator of the Senate. His picture is on the gov. coin. Their motto is, "We Charge More You Get Less".  This text is on the T Shirt I designed along with the picture of the coin. I wanted the coin to look more realistic so I used silver and shadow in the artwork. 

   If you don't know ACTION RIDER! he is a hamster that rides a scooter that looks a lot like mine. Here's some pics. 

AcnsnSurf Board

Act121Power Punch!

Skull V 1 muoiuytain Skull-V-1  

    Vampire Zombie Skull. 



There Seems To Be Something Wrong With Twitter- T Shirt Pics

   The bar froze on me while I was reading posts on Twitter. Then it just froze up and wouldn't do anything. I turned the computer off to get off the page. I checked after rebooting. The search works OK. The blog is good. It seems to be a problem with Twitter. Maybe they are being hacked or something. I hope not. 

   I'll check back later and see what happens. 

  Pictures of NewC T Shirts Warp1 Trb1 Pchw Paintt1 Oneg


Birdhouse Fun Project- Paint/decorations/ assembly advice- Pictutre

   Birdhouse is from a kit. The kit comes with wood that is pre- cut. Nails. Glue. Peg. Chain. Hooks. Are included. Assembly is required. Glue for the wood is also included. There is a trick to it.  If you buy this model run the chain under the roof before you attach the roof. The hooks are under the roof. You have to place the hooks in the edge of the roof supports before you place the roof on top. Put some glue on it before you place it on top. There are no nails for the roof to hold to the supports. The roof is removable. But I used a little glue anyway. I purchased this birdhouse from Amazon. It is made in China. It is easy enough for a kids project. Be careful of small pieces that can cause choking. 

    I painted it with primer. Added a star and some little squares for tiny windows. I put a plastic circle on the peg and slid it back to help secure the peg.  It is for smaller birds. Nice decoration for outside. 


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   I ordered this shirt: NewC T Shirts Clik here  Onbv

    The price was 15.99 With A-tax it's 17.03 $. I got it in orange. I used the Amazon store credit to purchase it. I like the soft cotton feel of the Anvil shirts. It feels good on your skin and it's not scratchy. The tag in the back doesn't scratch your neck. It fits good. Overall I was really satisfied with the quality of the last shirt I got from my Merch collection. I think you will be too when you order your choice of shirts from NewC T Shirts. Ordering through Amazon. If you don't have an account you can go here to sign up. Get Prime if you sign up because you get a lot of extra stuff for a monthly payment, like movies and TV shows to watch- and free shipping on stuff. Amazon offers free returns if you don't like the shirt. And secure ordering plus guaranteed satisfaction. You get treated right at Amazon when you order. Always report anything unusual to customer service. OK..... Have a really cool day! 

  Last week I ordered a birdhouse kit. It's cool. I'll post a picture later. 


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