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My Mental Health Experience - The System Today - In Tulsa (Article Link)


   I was attacked and injured in London some time back. The attackers broke into my apartment and assaulted me. The torture went on for two days as many people came in and out of the apartment. Whiskey was forced down my throat and some type of drugs, probably LSD. 

   After the initial assault, I was taken out of the apartment and left somewhere in London. Some people took me into a bar and cleaned me up and I rested. I was sick but not completely helpless. It seemed that after sometime I almost recuperated from the drugs and injuries. I left the bar on my own.

    I wasn't in my right mind, though. I felt OK but something snapped in my mind and I wound up completely incoherent. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I fell into a coma like state and didn't wake up for a long time. 

    They cared for me at the hospital like an invalid patent. They fed me and whatever else. I was completely unconscious through most of my stay there. I woke up partially before I was taken away. Some days I could feed my self and I went into the main area with other patients. I was getting better but not completely. 

    Someone took me out of the hospital in London and brought me to the United States on a flight. I was then taken to a small town in Oklahoma, near where I lived before. I didn't know where I was. I was found wandering the streets by the police that took me to an ambulance and the ambulance took me to a hospital where I stayed after that.

    After months of more therapy and medications I started getting better. I had a few relapses. Eventually I went outside and walked around and was able to go to the store on my own. One day after going to the store I just woke up. I didn't remember how I got there. I didn't know where I was. I only knew I needed to get back home. A place that was empty, my parents had died, no one lived there. I went there anyway.

    I stayed in the empty house by myself. Someone found out that I was there and called the hospital I was in before. The police came with a person who worked at the hospital to check on me. They said someone in my family called to see if they would check on me. It was funny that they didn't check on me themselves or have neighbors talk to me. I guess no one wanted to talk to me. That happens when you have a mental illness.

   The social worker stood in the street in front of my parents house with the policemen. Then came up to the front door and knocked. I saw them standing in the street but didn't know why they were there. I answered the door and they asked if they could talk to me. Luckily I was doing well and wasn't acting erratic or anything that could be considered threatening. The police looked in the house and the social worker asked me if I was OK. She gave me a question to answer and then another. Like if I knew who the president was? I answered and said yes. (It was Clinton.) 

    I asked the social worker who wanted them to check on me but she wouldn't say. 

    I was just wandering, if, without the social worker talking to me and it was just the police would they think of me as an automatic threat because of my possible mental state?

    Could the police trigger a bad response from me? An uncontrollable response? 

    Today, in Tulsa Oklahoma a man was shot by police who is said to have been mentally ill. He was carrying knives. He wouldn't stop when the Tulsa police ordered him to. He tried to enter a convenience store in a location not far from where I used to live with my parents. 

    The police shot the man before he went into the store, fearing for the lives of the people in the store. Many police came. The Chaplin came afterwards and was visibly shaken by the incident. I got mad when I heard about it. I just thought that I could have not acted right once,  in the condition I was in, and might have wound up in a similar situation. 

   No one knows what happens to people when their brains are injured or their mind is damaged. But when dealing with people who are truly ill or injured mentally, it is better to have someone besides the police deal with the situation, I think. Police are not mental health care specialists or social workers. Jails are not mental hospitals.

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