A Personal Message To Affinity Software Company (Ridiculous)
Jesus Look What They Do.

About State Tax Charged For Purchases At Amazon

   How many different tax codes are there per state? When you purchase items at Amazon the state tax is now figured into the cost. The amount varies according to several factors. I calculated the rates for the area I live in when I purchased a shirt from Amazon a couple of days ago. It came out to about 6.5 cents on the dollar. 

    I looked into the reasoning behind the amounts and came to the conclusion that varied amounts in states is ridiculous. There should be a set rate for merchants to charge customers. And the states should work out what is done with the revenue in a general fund. 

   I wouldn't like to have to explain how the tax rates are calculated in each district to each customer. Or if rates are charged to each customer. From each state. If the customer buys from me through Amazon they should pay the tax that they would pay if they were shopping in the state, not the tax they would pay in their state.

    The complexity of taxes in each state is ridiculous. The tax for sales should be the same for each state and the same in each district. Let the states work out what they do with the money from online sales. 



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