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A Personal Message To Affinity Software Company (Ridiculous)

 A message to Affinity Designer software.

     This designer software is probably worth more than 49.99 You know that.

    I wanted to purchase a download version this month but could not get through. I also decided to purchase another software from Britain and could not get that either. Something was wrong with the links. I will try again next month. 

    I was just wandering if Affinity was not selling as much because of the problem? And if so, is that the reason the price has been reduced? 

    I wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the trial version of the Affinity designer. And was in the process of purchasing it. I just wanted Affinity to know that. 

    Thanks! If I was Affinity president I would  evaluate the value of the software again. I'm not complaining but 39.99 is just ridiculous! Have a cool day..... 


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