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Ghost Emotion T Shirt - Buy Deal - Available Colors In Men/Women/Youth- Pictures / Colors

Ghsh1Men's available colors.


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Youth Selections Ghost Emotion

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Links- Music- Ragnarok- Melissa- Church

  Music from Bethel.


 Wardruna — Runaljod / Ragnarok - Music Video. Very cool.


  Stone Roses Video Music-  (2016 All band members.) I Am The Resurrection- 




   NewC T Shirts T Shirts from NewC Amazon Merch








Links- Selected Today Headline Articles- NewC T Shirt "Paint"


   Reporter makes joke about Japanese driver winning the Indy 500 (because it's Memorial Day) and loses his job. Tweet storm after he posted comment. See article:


   Tiger Woods is arrested while driving near his home. Woods arrest.


   Buying a Mini Van. Features. Models available in the USA. Mini Van


    NewC "Paint" T Shirt - Abstract artwork by Don Robbins.  Paintt1
NewC "Paint" T Shirt



Review On Stone Roses Concert

  I listened to every song the Stone Roses played  at the concert in New York in 2016. Brown's voice, except for one song was as good as it ever was. The drums were great. The lead guitar was nearly perfect. The bass was flawless. All and all it was a great concert. A great comeback!

   I think the sound could be better on the recording video. But what I heard is not professional recording. A concert with network recording would be fantastic. Seeing the Stone Roses do exceptionally well in the concert performance was cool.