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Blog Was Blocked- Sorry- Don't Know How That Happened- View now. Thanks! Pic

     My site was password protected. The views dropped down to zero. Catch up on my blog now. You should be able to get in.

    Sorry about the problem. Here is the latest work I have on the blog. It's not on Merch Store.

     Mnmkl Adoration1
Original work from original photo. The photo was taken and I thought it was shaped like Mary holding Jesus. I named it "Adoration"



Watch These Movies- Treasure of the Sierra Madre- Casa blanca-

  Picture of Humphry Bogart on cover of DVD: Ffff
. Buy DVD for collections. Or to watch. Knowing this movie makes for great conversation pieces. And with respect to the Nazi Party influences in the story of Casa Blanca and African Queen. All great movies. If you only see one of these movies make it The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. (You wont regret it.) Shop Humphrey Bogart movies. Collections. DVD- Laser Disc- Rent/Buy.

FffgBuying the movies together may be a good idea if your going to buy each one separately, anyway.

   Have a great movie experience. Tonight!




Class Privelage and Segregation By Status Is Unconstitutional

  Privileges given to one class of people  while rejecting people in lower income brackets is unconstitutional. And social segregation through allow- disallow policies for immigrants coming into the country, by government decree,  is unconstitutional. The President cannot decree that one person is more worthy than another because of class status, including education. Class bigotry and discrimination is the same as racial bigotry, religious bigotry, and so on...




"The Room Is Dark" by Don Robbins

Dark is the room that you are in.

Setting alone with your next of skin kin.

What was once, another of men.

Before the getter got em and done em in.

Dragged it in from outside where it had been.

Dried out and stiff from the horrible end.

No one ever knows what  death will send.

Mary or Hairy-

Or both again.

And again-and again-and again......


See you then.


Amy room american embassy 1993.