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The Mystical Metaphor Factory From Russia

             Making up things from one's own imagination, lends the story teller to a part of the psychological makeup that is referred to as the metaphoric factory of mystical reasoning. This type of reasoning has characteristics attached to it. Like other stories and facts that are not necessarily true that need to be believed in order for the storyteller to get their explanation across. Usually to those who are communicated with by the reason of understanding things that are not true. Children often use this tactic of cross reference to explain and give substantiation to their claims of truth in the story they've made up.

    In children, cute. In adults who are world leaders and politicians, not so cute.

    Quoting important friends that wouldn't lie is one of those cross references that are employed to entice agreement and validation from the listener.

    They have credible friends in high places. Sometimes from the past. Where made up quotes live and refitting the 302 with 305 heads is a reality.

    Runs great! In the mystical metaphor land.....

     A pretty good way to determine that someone is making up stories from Russia who has friends in the U.S. government. Mystically speaking......  

Absolutely Hilariously Funny stuff! Internet Privacy Suspension (Reasoning) Action Rider! Pics

Absolutely Hilariously Funny Stuff!

The reasoning: Because companies can make money selling your information and they use it anyway so what's the difference? It's going to help business right? Well... no, not right. The exact opposite is true. I'll show you why. But first let's look at some facts about what they are talking about.

    Internet providers are called ISP Internet Service Providers. They use information in some ways. Like Google analytics, that's important for the businesses on the internet. Really, very important. Advertisers already use the information they need to customize advertising to the customers browsing habits. If you don't browse, (use the search engine to look things up) then they just have ads on pages you visit from time to time. Like that. That's about all there is to it, really.

   In scaring people into protecting their information something happens to make their assumption turn out exactly opposite to what they said the reason is behind what they want to do. The votes have already been cast in the House and Senate. The President only has to sign the 9idiotic) legislation into law. The hilarious part is that they really don't seem to know that, when he does - millions of people will automatically go to the internet settings on their computer: like this- Delete3
  It's at the top of your screen when you are on the search page like MSN or GOOGLE.

   Then you go to Internet Options. Delete1

   Check the delete Browsing History box. Then select OK.


This is in settings. Check these boxes. But you will have to keep signing into your sites every time like Google- or your Blog. You can't save passwords for the site. Your favorites will be gone - so- every time you search you will have to type in the site, like if you want to go to Amazon you will have to type it in.

    So, in reality, there will be far less data for the businesses to track. It will be far more difficult for those businesses to follow trends and specify ads to the customer. What they are doing will have the exact opposite effect on business. And it will open the door to spying on businesses by businesses, not open the door to more consumer information.

    I've already signed up to delete my browsing history and have adjusted my settings. It's a little bit more of a hassle but you should do this to protect your information.

    Basically what they voted for is DUMB. I'm a Republican. But what I'm saying is that this legislation is stupid.

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  This is from the original work before customization. This is close to what the end formatting looks like. This snip comes from the book cover artwork.

    If I sell enough T shirts I'm going to buy the 14,000 dollar a year heart meds> Like the RICH guys! Ha! Ha!



The Republican Senate giving....Your, Privacy/Security away. Not good for business.

  The Republican Senate giving internet service providers permission to sell your personal information and browsing history is like giving the boss you work for permission to come to your house and rummage through your paperwork and sell it out your front door to anyone in the world. No questions asked. Not exactly like being raped, but probably something like that.

   Strangers knowing where you shop, hang out, travel to, well.... That's like a personal assistant to the criminals and terrorists. Overall, not a good idea.

   Very disappointing actions on the part of the party I claim to be a supporter of.

    * Also not good for online businesses. Their information is for sale too.

Iinvestigation into the death of Darren Rainey- Prisoner- Mental Patient


   Picture shows guards carrying body out to the stretcher downstairs. Inconsistencies in data and testimony warrants an investigation into the death of Darren Rainey. He suffered from schizophrenia. Was taken to shower from his cell for the removal of feces. Screams were heard by other inmates. Water was checked at 160 degrees. Fahrenheit. Prison officials deny any wrongdoing in the death.


Fixing The Problem Of Rising Costs In Medical Care

Article to read.

Fixing The Medical Care Facility Expense Problem Saving the System A private healthcare system being employed by the government to care for the medical needs of the poor and under insured became very expensive. Mostly because of (minor) healthcare visits to medical facilities set up to provide care to the wealthiest population on earth. Expenses came into play when making decisions on how to provide for the poor and uninsured. Because of costs and cost transference within the system, the cost of program expenditures rose exponentially. Over the years since the end of community based ( non profit) care facilities. funded through tax dollars locally, the overall costs associated with basic treatments and the real costs of visits continually rose.

It is necessary to understand that transferring people from community based non profit facilities into private care and specialized care was more expensive. But the greater costs associated with policies was transference of costs from basic care upon visits to other treatment and care giving within the facilities and hospitals. Even small locally ran community hospitals could do a lot of things just as well as larger and more expensive private (for profit) operations.

The promises of the government, that the private system could be used to provide universal diagnosis and treatment to uninsured and poor patients was a false promise to begin with. The private system was never meant to be used specifically, alone, for the welfare of the poor. Insurance rates climaxed and the working poor also found insurance rates out of their budgets range. Many people depended on Medicaid to cover them when they did not have insurance. And that is the way providers got money for treating the uninsured. The rest of the bills were sent to the patients in hopes that they would pay the remaining balances on the bills.

When profit based systems are used to provide care for patients with money to purchase insurance policies, the matter of convenience and luxury, comfort, aesthetics, and such come into play to keep the customers satisfied. Many expenses are incurred that would normally cost far less for simple care and visits. If you look at the real cost per visit and the real costs for basic care in a not for profit setting verses a profit based setting the differences are staggering. With respect to real costs. Just think of a person going to a higher cost facility to be checked for a cold in the winter, a patient with the sniffles. The cost to see that patient may be as much as three thousand dollars! Just to check the patient for a cold. The bill is three hundred dollars instead of three thousand dollars. The other money is spread around to cover the actual costs of the visit. But it’s a matter of convenience and a matter of luxury that is paid for.

The inconvenience of going to a non profit based facility for basic needs is bankrupting the system Mandates of using non profit facilities by everyone with certain needs is the answer to the cost problem. The savings to the system and government would be enough to insure that everyone gets fair treatment in the system. Without modifying the private system to incorporate some non profit based care facilities the costs will continue to rise unchecked. The cost of using the profit based system for all needs is what keeps the system from being used and operated as a universal healthcare system.

Lindsey Graham Town Hall Meeting

Lindsey Graham town hall meeting in South Carolina was concentrated on topics about education, military, spending/ budget, Medicaid, entitlements, Veterans.

Graham is for Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch. -gorsuch-trump-supreme-court-nominee/

Critical on house intelligence. May agree to joint committee, or independent investigation into Russian interference in election.

Graham says that there was no obstruction to delay or impede the suggestion that Trump colluded with Russians.

Medicaid / Medicare is the largest expenditure at 62% of the federal budget.

Rich and wealthier people need to pay more into the system to save entitlements. The private sector needs to continue to provide medical services. With managed care for the elderly and disabled. Medicaid needs to remain as the supplemental policy for the poor and uninsured.

*Nothing was mentioned about costs control. Where the actual problem with costs is basic care costs.

Supports public education and charter schools.

See the video at





Basicaly The CBO Said.... (Brief On Benefits Of Community Care Hospitals)

   The CBO report is published on CNN. It says that the estimates from Trumps office were about a hundred and fifty billion off of estimates. And that there were at least 14 million that would be uninsured by 2020. And that number would increase to over 20 million after that. It says that according to the population there are numerous people under the age of 62 by 2020. And that premiums would rise.


Brief On Community Care Non Profit Hospitals

   The federal government seems to completely ignore any attempts to bring the issue of community based hospitals and clinics to the table for serious discussion. Where cutting costs on primary, basic medical care and primary diagnosis is necessary. Completely privatized medical care hasn't worked as well as it was promoted to by the government. Non profit care that is available to curb the overall costs in the states and Medicaid systems, as well as Medicare, is necessary. The best way to accomplish this is to build hospitals that are non profit and serve the basic treatment and primary diagnosis needs of the community in general. Hospitals that are funded at local and state levels and by government grant money.

    Taking the cost out of basic care - diagnosis and treatment, is the primary solution to the problem with expenses. The savings will save Medicaid and Medicare. The savings will help to bring down overall costs of insurance and make available much needed funding for catastrophic care and long term care for patients in major medical care facilities.

    Cost transference also needs to be understood by the bill creators in the Senate.

    A better infrastructure - job creating program would be to build community hospitals with federal funding and let the communities structure tax and private funding to cover costs of the operation of the facilities. Non profits will not interfere with the Private hospital business. Only help. And general practitioners will be more likely to stay in those types of facilities that can offer better pay for them. Better general services can also be a reality at lesser costs overall. This helps in better preliminary diagnosis of patients.

    There are many reasons to incorporate a community based system of non profit basic care hospitals. Cost savings are the most important as a benefit to the overall financial structure of the system in America. Better care is another. For less money. Savings on basic care for policy holders  is another.

    This is how to accomplish real savings in the system. And the way to universal coverage that is sustainable.