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Politics Of Elitism- Words Twisting Reality- What "Harvey" Looked Like To me

  Conform to a reality that isn't real but just made up. A picture painted with words based on half truths and suggestions. Politics. Political reasoning.

   Elitism is like that. The leaders know you want to do the right things but they want you to be wrong when, if,  they say it is correct, for whatever reason they have. Sometimes confusing. Always controlling.

    Control with suggestion is the politicians dream. Positive outcomes for their personal ideas formed into a sand castle of temporary reality with more than just media approval to establish reason to dictate to the public. Confusion is the medicine the political pushers want you to swallow with their half truths and lies.

   It's not that the media lies and that's the important part of the inspection of internal mechanisms within the political process, but rather that the politics of Washington is often based on what isn't necessarily true, the media then gives the specious words of the political elite energy. Sometimes power. But usually just power in suggestion.

    If this isn't controlled, I would be surprised.  

       When I was a child, watching the one TV in our house, with the family, I thought that setting through 3 hours of the Oscars was torture.......

Rabh Rabbit1


Trying to order Chocolate Candy from Amazon UK in the U.S.

   I was trying to order TWIX candy bars from the UK Amazon to see if they were as good as the USA version. They are made there and in Dublin. Other candy is also made there.

  How do we order candy from the UK?

  I think you can but not with Amazon. I'm going to try and get samples through the mail directly from the manufacturer.

   I'll check Amazon USA to see if they have UK TWIX. (They do.)

  Use the link above to order.

  As a UK Associate I cannot share the link to order through Amazon UK but this link will let you order TWIX made in the UK. The delivery takes a while.

  It would be worth it to check to see if the UK version is exactly the same as the USA version.

 I'll be ordering some soon. They also make Milky Ways and Mars Bars.

As History Strangely Repeats Itself....


    As History Strangely Repeats Itself, the Democrats have chosen a new DNC Chairman. The statement, "Unite All Comrades" would seem appropriate. The images are eerily similar. I think that many people noticed the resemblance in the pictures. Dncc

   Ideologically inventing concepts to politically correct the real world with powerful words in emotional expressionism, is a common political tactic that relies heavily on the psychology of the masses, being incorporated in the Communist Party to further their control over the system. (A historical brief by Don Robbins- New C Blog)

   Picture from article about DNC. Lenin picture from web images. Thank you.


Sometimes you can get good deals from UK Amazon.../.

Sometimes you can get good deals from UK Amazon. Just order and use your account log in to shop. Get alerts on sales. This link to shop is supposed to be Home and Garden but it's more like Home and Christmas! I'll try again. Check the Outlet Store for Garden and Tool. You may also find outdoors items. Be a good time to shop for Sports equipment too.    Have fun.

Check Outlet for Garden and Tools.

Proposal: How to protect the Missouri River. (From DAPL oil spills) Pictures- Diagram

Proposal to protect the Missouri River.

    The best way to protect the river water from contamination is to place a barrier between the oil spills from the pipeline and the water. Knowing that spills will take place it is necessary to keep the oil from entering the water from under the river. The best way to economically do this is to dam up the river north of Cannon Ball and let the riverbed dry. And then pour concrete to cover the river bed. This will create a lasting barrier between the pipeline and the water. Oil will eventually seep into the river from the underneath side of the river. This project will keep that from happening. Protecting the water is the priority. The dam project should start immediately. After the project is completed the concrete should be adequate protection to guard against damage from spills. Other engineering factors such as depressions can trap oil before spills reach the river. Also lined with concrete.

   This is my idea on how to protect the water at Cannon Ball in the Missouri River. If you agree please share. Donate to blog with PayPal if you like. All gifts are appreciated. Thank you.

  Photos are from Google Earth.



Review On "The Crown" Netflix Series Seson 1

I was watching a few shows on Netflix, "The Crown" was one of the shows. I decided to write a review about the show.

  I started a trial on Netflix the other day. It is free for thirty days. The line up of shows has improved dramatically since I watched it a few years back. I had been watching Amazon but I got so dissatisfied with the browser problems and the sluggish response of Prime, I decided to cancel Prime and then tried Netflix.

  I also had a problem with delivery times with Prime when I ordered items from Amazon. In some places Prime can deliver items in one day. That's what they are saying but it still takes more time here. So, anyway, I'm shopping around.

   The review on "The Crown" is easy..... Brilliant scenes. Interesting story. Superb acting. Claire Foy plays Elizabeth. John Lithgow plays Churchill. Mat Smith (of Dr. Who) plays the Queen's husband.

   I'm almost through the first season. If you have experience with British TV series you could almost expect a letdown coming in the second season. But in the Netflix series it might not happen. I know of several series that were great to begin with and then just fizzled out. About four come to mind.

   Hopefully The Crown won't be a disappointment.

   If you don't have Netflix for streaming, there's a free trial. I like it so far.


Once Again - No Reason To Call For Assault Weapons Ban- Truth-

  Maybe a good law regulating weapons that can be used in war, like army rifles, would be to allow the ownership and use of the weapons at sanctioned ranges and meets for competitions. (For example.) Use of weapons at a persons home and private property should also be allowed.

  Restrictions could be used to keep the weapons from being carried in public, or into public places.

   Such weapons should always be secured when transporting the weapons from place to place. Any sighting of an unsecured weapon could be considered a reason to call 911. This would help to ensure pubic safety.

    The assault rifle ban that was allowed by the federal judge goes right back to the same argument. Assault rifles accounted for 250 deaths compared to 300,000 deaths by other means and weapons over a period of time. This means that the continual want to make assault rifles the villain is just political in nature. There is no real merit in calling for assault weapon bans.


  Artwork for you (: Kkopp[