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Movie s I Watched- Rated from Amazon Prime.

Movies I have watched on Amazon Prime. Rated. Mov1

   Mag Seven is a good movie. The Hobbit Five Armies is somewhat unrealistic. Mr. Church is a little bit draggy. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot could have been a good movie. Too bad they didn't care enough to spend a little time and effort to make it a good movie. Desert Blue is good. Has a young actor who is Goldie Hawns daughter. HudsAflec is in it and Carlina Ricci. I think was her name. Plays Lizzy Borden. n. Can't remember her last name. Takes up with some kid who would give me a run foe my money. Casey a

   The editor does that sometimes. Messes up.

    Here's some more... Mov2

  Detroit is a great doc. Son of Rambo is a good kids movie. Some of it is funny. Desert Redemption is a classic. Box of Faith has the same actor as Desert Redemption. Good actress. Good movie. Christmas Bunny is a good movie. It's about an orphan girl who helps a hurt Bunny Rabbit. Florence Henderson is in it. She's great. Hard Rain is a great adventure action movie.


"Trumps involvement with BIG OIL might have Russian ties." Article link- What Happened To This?

   Trumps involvement with BIG OIL might have Russian ties. It appears that information has been obtained concerning a campaign staffer under Trump. During the campaign, and possibly before he announced his bid for the White House, it seems that secret funds from corrupt (shell) companies were used to support his campaign, financially. Trump may have claimed that his own money was fueling the campaign, when in reality some of the money was coming through Russian controlled activities in the corporate oil companies.

   The support of the Trump campaign and the attempted sabotage of other candidates through spy tactics and hacking by Russian officials may have been known by Trump. See (Gates) in Ukraine office during campaign.

    Money was apparently passed to Trump's Chief in the Ukraine office. (This is really ugly stuff.)

   It seems that Trump supported corrupt campaigns in the Ukraine for Putin. And Putin supported Trumps campaign in secret. But how much support and how corrupt was the practice? That is the question.

   Ironically, Sara Palin has commented on the Trump topic. She stated that he should leave the UN. But it's looking like she should ask him to leave the office of the President. That would be a historical event if Trump became the first President to be impeached before ever getting to office.

   Secret communications between Trump and Putin during the campaign would also be illegal and would rank as security violations. Campaign rigging, security violations, slush funds, spy tactics supported, in both camps?

    As of 3/13/2017 have those questions been answered?



Fracking Needs To Be Regulated- Fracking Utah Is Unnecessary- Don't Pollute!

Fracking a tiny amount of oil in each state is harmful to the environment. It's unnecessary. The USA has concentrations of oil that can be fracked in western Texas. And finds in Alaska. Fracking in all areas where water can be effected should be illegal.

   Fracking in the areas where huge oil deposits are waiting to be extracted is sometimes not even necessary. In some cases as much as 80% of the oil discovered doesn't need to be fracked. A lower level of chemicals can be used in these areas also, that causes less environmental damage. Very little water is contaminated in the process. If any. Spills from existing pipelines actually pose more hazard to the water supplies than fracking in major fields.

   Fracking can lead to water contamination if the wells are not properly constructed or existing wells are damaged and leaks occur in the process through the casings of the walls of the well sites.

   Fracking in any location being allowed by the government is a very bad idea. And stricter laws to protect the environment are necessary. In the case of Utah, it is known that oil reserves set under some national park sites. This oil is not available to states and does not need to be fracked anyway.

    Protecting drinking water, farms, animals, the environment, should not be a matter of playing political games. Fracking should be outlawed except in areas of major production.

   The options in major field operations would be better for the states that want to allow fracking in small operations in sensitive areas. It's not necessary to jeopardize the water and health of living things for a small amount of revenue.

    The state of Utah can set up operations in major oil fields and generate profits from extractions just like any other company or investor.

   Be smart. Don't pollute your state when you can make more money in a location of a major find of oil such as western Texas or Alaska.

   Fracking has caused damage to the environment. It needs to be regulated. Controlled fracking means better public safety and less pollution, better health and a cleaner environment to leave the next generations.    

   Do the right thing. Invest wisely. Operate in the desired locations. Don't pollute for the reason of making very little money.






justdoingit/works/24631243- "Oil Sands" scenery abstract panel Pictures

Use this link to view artworks and products.

  These pictures depict scenery of oil sands pollution in lakes and rivers - on land- in Alberta Canada. The operation is a hundred times more polluting than anything in America or Alaska. Oil Sands extraction creates a huge amount of damage to the environment. I believe that salt in vaporized  water causes ice to melt on the ice caps too, in northern Canada and into the Arctic regions. These artworks, I hope, remind people of the devastation caused by the process. Polluting water like this should not be allowed. A whole forest is destroyed already, just for the sake of profits to a few people and companies. The water is poisoned because of it. I think the water is flowing down from the Alberta Canada site and entering American waters. This horrible operation needs to be stopped. Please stand up to the polluters of our resources. We have oil in the U.S. we don't need this type of destruction. Care and be aware! Thank you. You can support this blog by purchasing items from the store with the link above and on the side post. And donations can be made through Pay Pal button. Thank you. Happy New year!

   Oilsa7 Oils78

Trump- Putin- Dr. Zhivago- Cossacks - Ballet- Fiddler On the Roof- Warheads- Oil- Abstract Scenery

   The families can gather to a festive Holiday season and talk about nuclear proliferation and wander what's right or wrong about big oil polluting a couple of the major water sources that people depend on for drinking water. So the next president can join the list of past presidents and help his good buddies make another few billion dollars out of the deal. (Deals.)

   One thing we know by now is that BIG OIL and BIG DEFENCE makes some people BIG MONEY.

   War mongers and oil men. Oil men and War Mongers. "Energy Corporations and War Mongers." Great way to start off the next round of political garbage from Washington and the European governments. Putin and Trump seem to be getting along OK. That's reassuring......

    ROCKETTS, you don't have to dance for Trump at the awards ceremony.  You will get more gigs if you refuse.

   He can get the Cossacks to do a Russian style dance for him and Putin. Like in "Fiddler on the Roof."

     Doctor Zhivago meet Fiddler On The Roof and  all the little missiles and oil rigs appear out of nowhere! Meanwhile the ballet dancers are dressed like Flamingoes and the Nutcracker guards the door to keep the riff raff out. Wonderful! Wonderful!

     And the directors wanted to know why so many wanted me to work at the Royal Ballet.....


   Merry Christmas!

       If you are a Millennial and you have never seen Dr. Zhivago, this is a Christmas present from me. Enjoy.  Great ad! With Amazon Channels free trial and new movie at theatres "A Monster Calls". Looks good. ..../////

   The world isn't so bad after all.....

                     -Share. Care. Don't go there.

   Abstract Manger scene. Click on pics for large view.









What's The Point? Quotas?

  If there are racial and other quotas in the school system and on the job in hiring, why aren't there quotas in the appointments in the federal government?

   Just turn around and say, "NO!"  to  Mr.  Trump. Your pro oil big money appointments are insulting to the process of fairness and non discrimination.  There is more to governing than just favoring businessmen and their personal interests. And yours.

    Cooperation is also a key element in effective governing. Complete bias isn't going to dictate cooperation in the overall process. Americans don't want Republican fanatic dictators any more than they want Democrat dictators. In the circumstance of socialism and fascism dictation is about the same, isn't it?

    We don't need more warheads because the world is already afraid of us.

    The idea of building a wall all the way across the U.S. - Mexican border is completely absurd. Why build a wall that they will just tunnel under? Light aircraft can fly over?. People can tear down anywhere along the thousand mile long expanse in remote areas? How does building such a thing make sense?

    How can our government register every person of a certain religion and people they are associated with. Family members. Friends. Associates? How can a nation do that? There are a billion possibilities. It's not logical.

    How can the government cut taxes on multi national corporations that already don't pay taxes?

    More than 30,000 people died in America from violence. Less than two hundred died from acts of terrorism. Are terrorists the people who are starving, walking out of foreign cities with their children? Are they the security risk?  

    So how many millions of Americans were killed last year in acts of terrorism?

    Can Rick Perry find the building where the office is where he is going to work at? Is it actually in the headquarters of a oil company in Texas?

     Google advised me to check my (white) shopping bag icon on my device I wanted to watch a movie on to see if I had the right app. What is that? There is no white shopping bag icon. Does that mean they are targeting people and hacking their internet connections based on race, now?

     What's the point? Quotas?




Fracking - Where It Should Be Used- New Regulations Needed For Public Safety

   Fracking. It's a matter of where it should be used, or, if it should be allowed to be used in certain areas. The industry has fracked for 75 years. Millions of wells have been fracked.

    It is more dangerous to water - rivers, streams, lakes, aquifers, for pipelines to break and spill oil, than fracking is. In cases that have to do with acquiring oil. Repairs to existing wells should be beefed up because of the possibility of aquifer contamination from abandoned wells.

    In areas where the water could be contaminated by modern fracking, in the process of extracting oil from shale deposits, and gas, stricter regulations and limits should be placed on the processes.

   In normal activities, fracking should not be a danger to water supplies. Gas emissions should not be escaping into tributaries or rivers at the rate we are witnessing worldwide. Something is not right in the regulation of the industry by governments. Stricter measures need to be employed to ensure water safety.

   But basically, the areas where fracking and drilling is allowed needs to be monitored. Letting companies go where ever they want and frack where ever they want is not the way things should be. As more and more videos surface on the internet, it is obvious that dangerous practices are being employed in areas in many different nations.

    Studying fracking helps to gain an overall perspective in what is happening in the world with the energy industry. Industries.

    It is true that in the early 1990's there about Midland Texas, a couple of scientists, engineers, fracked a well to find out if they could get oil out of a well by extracting it from shale deposits trapped deep under ground. Initially, their findings was that it would work. The horizontal drilling technique had something to do with it too. The site was probably there about Wolf site #1. Down from there was a smaller rig. I called it little Christmas tree.

   There never was a reason to pollute any water. No company needs to drill where it might endanger life. Water. Or wildlife. Whatever chemicals were used in the process, those chemicals are not supposed to pollute water at the level of the water table. In some cases there are other levels that may be subjected but those are typically from the old time vertical well casings that need repair.

    Pollution and dangerous chemicals cannot be tolerated. Possibilities of water contamination has to be strictly regulated. Any other considerations are unacceptable, period.

   Fracking should not be allowed in sensitive areas. The sites near West Texas are well suited for the extraction process, not endangering the water. But even so, precautions need to be in place and regulations need to be strict to protect the public and the environment.

   Money derived from the bountiful fields in west Texas should be set aside by each company and repairs to leaking wells should be a priority.

   If I get back down to west Texas, I'll see you there. Merry Christmas!

                 Don Robbins.






Excuse Us Into The Ground (Just Another Pipeline)

Socialist government

Business Capitalists

Global economic imperialists

Industrial opportunists

Political power extremists

Financial opportunists

Multinational strategists

Is there a plan to the madness?

Is there a point to the sadness?

Lust for exploitation

Corruption with anticipation

Evil needs more deregulation

The super-rich need less taxation

This is where we are now


Excuse us

We were just on our way down

With another pipeline

Into the ground.