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Canadian oil sands oil should be immediately outlawed in the United States

  Canadian oil sands oil should be immediately outlawed in the United States and it should be restricted to Canada. The pipelines carrying the oil through the United States should be closed. The ports handling the oil should be off limits and ships carrying the oil through American waters should be blocked.

   Any run off from the leaks in the Canadian pipelines, existing, or planned, should be assessed and monitored. Spills should be cause to require Canada to move the pipelines away from our borders. At least 500 miles.

    Pet coke should be classified as a carcinogenic substance before and during use as a fuel. The product should be outlawed in America and it should not be allowed to be shipped out of American ports.

    The oil sands operation in Alberta should be considered a crime. The damage to the environment should be stopped immediately. The water it poisons should be assessed to make a determination about the extent of the damages to water supplies and ground water contamination.

    The Keystone pipeline should be shut down immediately.

    Investigations into Canadian influence in North Dakota police brutality against the Water Protectors should be opened.

     Laws regulating the use of lands allowing the Canadian oil sands toxic oil to be transported through America should be passed immediately to disallow the toxic oil to be transported by pipeline in America.


Could Bernie Sanders Be The Next President? Or Just A Special Prosecutor....

   Could it be possible for Bernie Sanders to be the president?

   If Clinton and the DNC admitted that they cheated Sanders out of the nomination, would it be right to have another election between Trump and Sanders?  Would Trump play along? Could Sanders actually beat Trump?

   Let's say that Trump agreed to have a one time surprise vote between him and Sanders. And if Sanders gets 75% or more of the votes then he can be the president!

  That would be a fair deal!

   Would the Prime Minister of Canada agree to be Sanders running mate? Second in command. "The New Commandants" brothers.

   It's a revolution! Revolt! Revolt! Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

  More oil sands now!

   But really, the gestapo agent calling himself the governor of North Dakota does need to be arrested. Maybe Obama could let Bernie be a special prosecutor and go up to Standing Rock and put the guy in jail.


The Reason Senator Warren Is Silent On The DAPL

    If you are against the Dakota Access Pipeline. DAPL. Then, you must be against the Keystone pipeline. If your against the Keystone pipeline then you must be against the oil sands operation in Alberta Canada. This would be a conflict of political interest for the Liberal Democrats backing, in principal, the socialist Canadian government. The oil sands in Canada are important to the economy of Canada. Therefor important to the success of the socialist image of the Canadian party.

   Democrats would be hypocritical to be against the DAPL and not be against the oil sands or the Keystone pipeline.






Press Conference Video (Standing Rock) Topics Discussed- Gov. Darymple -Violence-Rights

Highlighted areas of interest are marked at minute mark on video. The video starts with the press conference being set up. Question and answer session follows. Starts at 8:30 into the video.

Medical services discussed at 12:00 minutes into the video.   The  North Dakota governor wanted to use safety as an excuse to evacuate the camp. The tribe says that he does not actually have jurisdiction. This statement is in direct conflict with his wants to cut off all emergency services. 

Civil Rights violations 15.52 minutes.

Water security and legal liabilities at 18;24 minutes.


     Answers to questions about winterization are given.

     The talk on Gov. Dalyrimple of North Dakota and what he is doing are also in the video.

    Veterans issues and planned rally is discussed. (Nov. 5th) 2000 veterans expected.  

    Treaty rights are covered with documentation. 27.00 minutes into video.

     Violence addressed 38:00 minutes.




"Never Fear! Senator Reid Is Here!" On Dakota at Standing Rock- Marshal Law?

  The governor of North Dakota is basically saying that he is declaring marshal law against the water protectors - protesters- at Standing Rock. In so doing it seems that he has warned people occupying corps of engineers land, (actually treaty lands) that if he orders force that results in injury, he will not allow access to emergency services to enter the area to assist the wounded. He also says that he will block the roads and not allow access to the area. Or, in short, cut off the tribes and commit violence towards them until they leave.

   Sounds like he's taking orders from the socialist interests in the Canadian pipeline, deceptively called the Dakota Pipeline. Like the Keystone pipeline serves the interests of the oil sands industry in Canada.

    Even the Liberals are turning against this project. Senator Reid gave a speech today asking for help for the Natives but also said that Obama wouldn't be in office long enough to do anything. Leaving it up to the next administration to deal with the issue. Kind of like they have for the last several hundred years.

    Thanks a lot Reid. That really helps. How about calling for an arrest of the governor of North Dakota for human rights violations?

     We don't need the toxic oil from Canada that bad. We have a huge supply here in the United States. Why don't you order the shut down of the Canadian pipelines running through America? We don't want it. We don't need it.


Standing Rock Water Protectors- ( Be Sure To Check Air With Geiger Counters)

Geiger Counters are needed to check for radiation. It is used a lot against people. They could drop it from the planes and helicopters. Be careful up there.

  Lasers mounted on remotes hovering above you are also one of their favorite torture devices. You know about the sound weapons. Some of those devices can really hurt you and they will deny the use of any weapon like that.

   Usually, if they attack you in a terrorist way they try to do it in secret and will ignore any attempt at justice and refuse any investigation for your protection.

   Check food very carefully, also. They can be very sneaky when it comes to playing mind games. Messing with your food is one of their favorite tactics.



North Dakota or Oil Sands Toxins In Canada? (Are Liberals Covering This Up?)

   I don't believe the chemicals causing sickness and cancer found in the water supply in northern, North Dakota, United States, is from the oil fields in North Dakota.

   I believe the chemicals are run off from the oil sands operation on Alberta Canada that has made it's way down stream into the water in North Dakota. And that's a lot of leaking from the containment lakes.

   See pics:  Oil sands operations.

    I also believe that the water vapors are entering the atmosphere 24 hrs. a day and putting salt into the evaporation process. This results in huge amounts of salt ending up on ice caps. This helps to cause the ice caps to melt. Salt will melt ice in the winter because of the heat generated from the suns rays shining through the crystals. Oilsa

   Deforestation is clear to see. Look at the extent of the forest lands lost. This can cause weather changes. Stripping forest without replacing trees to grow in the pace of trees lost should be against the law. The oil sands operation on Canada should be against the law and the number one priority of environmentalists to put an end to the gross destruction.

   Is it a fact that the Liberals refuse to talk about the destruction and dangers associated with the toxic operation because it ultimately supports socialism in Canadian politics?

   Do they know that the poison is winding up in the water supply in America?

  Are they covering up these crimes against nature and humanity  for socialist interests  in Canada? Oilsa2





20 BILLION barrels of oil in west Texas. Stop Keystone/Dakota Pipelines-

Tar sands in Alberta Canada. The worst pollution on earth.  Huge areas of forest destroyed.. Poison in the water. Toxic sludge in pipelines through the United States. Destruction of environment. Climate change because of deforestation. I say this is what causes the drought in California.

   Destroying huge areas of forest causes climate changes in other regions because of the effects on the evaporation process.

    Putting tons of salt into the air continually by boiling water that is used in fracking in Alberta is causing the salt to melt the ice caps in the polar regions. I believe that salt is the reason the ice is melting. Not because of global warming.

   The containment of toxic water in holding tanks, (lakes) isn't working the way it should. The toxic water and sludge from the process of fracking in Alberta and from the process of preparing the sludge oil to go into the pipes is seeping into the ground water. The area of the seepage is so enormous that the poisons and toxins will eventually move downstream into American waters. The aquifer is already being affected, now,

   North Dakota will probably be one of the first U.S. states affected by the run off of the toxic waste from the containment lakes in Canada. The term (ponds) is a suggestion that the toxins are in smaller ponds and not huge lakes. See the area on Google Earth or on Bing pictures and explore from there.

   We do not need to allow the toxic oil to be put into pipelines that cross states on the way to shipping ports. America is not dependent on this oil.

   20 Billion barrels of oil can supply America with oil for the next twenty years. As we change to other fuel alternatives the need for crude oil will lesson over a period of time. There is no need to continue the destruction in Alberta Canada and the threats against our WATER and environment in America.

   The Keystone pipeline and Dakota pipelines are obsolete. We have oil.

    Stop the oil sands production in Alberta and start the clean up in Alberta.

     20 Billion barrels of oil in West Texas. We don't need toxic oil from Alberta. We don't need the Dakota Access Pipeline.

     The Corp of Engineers wants to remove the water protectors from Standing Rock at Connon Ball Ranch. But they need to remove the pipeline from the Missouri River.

     I don't think the protestors are going to move. I think thousands of more are on their way.

     The end of the Keystone and Dakota is the beginning of the biggest oil boom in modern history in west Texas.. Ending the tar sands production is an environmental issue. It's not a matter of creating wealth for American oil companies or work in west Texas. But economically speaking, it wouldn't hurt either.


Use filter on YouTube to get new videos. Standing Rock Protest Videos

  Use filter on YouTube to get up to the present time videos. The filter tab is just above the first video -on the right. When there are many videos on the same subject, like Dakota Access Pipe Line, you can use the filter to get today's videos or check the weeks videos. You need to type in the subject, first and search the topic. The filter doesn't show up unless you use the search feature.